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Our apologies...

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1Our apologies... Empty Our apologies... on Sat May 12, 2012 12:19 pm


It seems we've been getting a lot of visitors lately. We have one guest who appears frequently located in Kansas, we have another one who has appeared once in California, and yet another in China!

It amuses me, especially the frequent visitor from Kansas. These forums are very active, but I know that you cannot see what happens on them. Even if you were to sign up for the website, it wouldn't help. This website is private, intended for use only by myself and my friend.

I'm sorry that you can't see anything on here. And by the way, Kansas, no matter how many times you come back, we won't suddenly unlock our threads for your viewing pleasure Wink

Again, our apologies! If you want to speak to us elsewhere because we seem like such awesome people, we're usually also hanging around the Stories and Legacies section of the Sims 3 website.

Update: So, we're thinking that the visitor from Kansas may be Krose's iPod...no idea how that works...and today I spotted another strange visitor, this one from somewhere in Washington! Very Happy

Update II: Guess what! We now have visitors in Russia, Ukraine, and Wisconsin! How cool is that?

Update III: And today we have a guest in Seattle. I'm going to Seattle in July. Maybe we can meet up.

Update IV: June 13th, 2012 - I got a very interesting Private Message on our site today... The subject line reads [Contact] Business Development (Lalakrose) and it was sent by a Guest. The text of the message reads,
I am looking to connect with someone in business development in regards to a possible partnership. Would you please let me know who I would need to speak with?..........Thank you, Clayton.
It also gives the sender's e-mail, which is csamaniego@ubokiacorp.com
Obviously I have no interest in business, development, or partnerships. I do have to wonder, though, why did this Clayton person message US about it? Krosey and I have nothing on our site that would indicate business or partnerships, everything on this site points towards a pair of teenagers who just want to have fun without interruption.
And that message leads me to another question about business....what is business? I always hear about partnerships and promotions and desk work and professionalism but I have no idea what people like this actually do. Office buildings and cubicles? Even on The Sims, 'Business' is a career of its own and all it is, essentially, is coffee breaks and briefcases and uniforms and bosses...what do these people do on their fancy computers, what is all this hard work that sents people home stressed beyond belief? It doesn't sound like a realistic career. The best thing I can think of to figure it out is a secretary, but why an entire building of secretaries?
I'm going to Google this Ubokiacorp, what is it?
And finally, Clayton, if you're checking back for an answer, I'm pretty certain that Krose and I aren't interested in your proposition.

Update V: I Googled Ubokiacorp! I expected to find Zimbio scam alerts and warnings about the dangers of contacting this company, but it looks like some sort of weird, legit company, and they're clearly big on partnerships. I still can't figure out what they do, though. Do they make phones like Nokia? I've never heard of Ubokia XD

Update VI: Today we've got a visitor and I can't tell if they're in Maryland, Virginia, or that teeny-tiny dot in the middle called 'District of Columbia'. I never knew that it was that small. I also never knew that Washington DC was on the east side of the states. I thought it was somewhere on the west coast. Hmm.

Update VII: Today we got a very interesting visitor...it said on the front page '1 Bot'. I've never seen a 'bot' before, so when I clicked 'Who's Online?' it told me that Google was online. Um, okay...

Update VIII: Oftentimes we get told that there are two guests, but we can only find one....I figured out where the others are...
Our apologies... Iaza11003018988400
Down the street and invisible on global map view!

Update IX: We got a randomer from Holland today. We don't get many visitors from Europe. Welcome!! Razz


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