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I want to use this in an RPG somehow..

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Some people get trapped in the future?
I don't have much else...

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Hmm...I have no ideas...

I considered a colony of settlers coming to it, or a boat crash...and I considered having it be some other species on their planet, like blue people or something...


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And mis-read it as "Adonis" hair...


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nice hairstyle, though...

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It is, even if it's trying to be tricky and make me DL thinking it has something to do with Adonis...


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Any ideas?


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Random unrelated...

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Remember I told you I was working on a study guide for my friends? Check it out....

We’re supposed to choose four of the seven questions listed. Each one is worth 10 points, so anything with two parts or two questions probably needs a minimum of five points. We’re supposed to write them in awesome paragraphs.

Question 1 asks us to explain how geography affected TWO of the civilisations that we studied. The best ones to use for this are Egypt and China. However, you can also write a really good paragraph on the Aztecs.
- Ancient Egypt was in a desert
- They had to find a way to live in the desert
- They had to adjust to their surroundings
- They had the Nile river
- The Nile provided them with sustenance
- The Nile allowed them to grow crops, to be provided with water, etc.
- The Nile flooded every year which brought fertile grounds to its banks
- The Nile connects with the Mediterranean Ocean at what is called the Delta
- The Delta was an excellent location for fertile grounds and farmlands
- The Egyptians had to adapt their lives to fit the desert heat – clothing, crops, etc.
- The desert sand and heat also allowed the Egyptians to discover mummification
- Mummification allowed them to “send their deceased to the afterlife” safely
- Being relatively isolated (surrounded by desert and ocean, lol) they weren’t really bothered by any of the other civilisations.
- This allowed them to remain pretty much the same and unchanged for a good few thousand years before the Greeks eventually found them

- China was also extremely isolated, perhaps moreso than Egypt
- The Himalayan Mountains are located at the west of China
- The T’sing Ling Mountains are south of China
- The Pacific ocean is to the east of China
- The north of China is bordered by desert
- They, like Egypt, were unaffected by other civilisations
- And, like Egypt, they remained pretty much the same and unchanged for a good few thousand years
- Their difficult borders restricted and limited commerce opportunities with western Europe
- The Aztecs believed that they were meant to build their civilisation on a swamp.
- Yeah, that’s right, a swamp. Six feet of murky, muddy water.
- They had to use rafts and boats to get around anywhere
- They had to completely modify their architectural techniques to fit the swamp
- They figured out ways to build on the swamp without their city sinking into the water
- They drove long pointed poles into the bottom of the swamp and built on top of them
- They also had to figure out a way to grow crops within their swamp city
- They built CHINAMPAS, which are basically floating gardens.
- They drove poles into the water, piled on mud and earth and sticks to give it a base, and then used the top as their farm
- They built canals between their chinampas to provide access to them

Question 2 asks us to describe how religion affected two of the civilisations that we studied. My easiest ones are Egypt and the Mayas/Aztecs, though it can also be written well on Greece.
- They were POLYTHEIST, meaning that they worshipped many Gods
- They believed that their 700+ Gods controlled everything
- They knew that they needed to treat their gods with utmost respect
- Pretty much everything they did in life was to arrive at the Fields of Ialou (or the afterlife, called ‘les champs d’Ialou’ in French)
- They tried to be good people because Osiris wouldn’t allow them entrance if they weren’t
- They mummified people so that they could arrive in the afterlife
- They built lots of things for their Gods, including temples, statues, monuments, obelisks, etc.
- They have all sorts of stories about their gods, and Egyptian mythology is actually pretty awesome.
- The Aztecs, like the Egyptians, were polytheists.
- Their Gods were totally freaking scary. Like, absolutely terrifying.
- Their Gods demanded human blood on a daily basis
- The Aztecs believed that if they did not make a blood sacrifice each day, the sun wouldn’t rise
- Every day, they sacrificed a human life
- In turn, in order to keep their civilisation bustling and booming, they had to find exterior sources of human life
- They raided and pillaged their neighbours, taking over
- This extended their empire and provided them with plenty of human lives to sacrifice
- Greeks, like the other civilisations listed here, were polytheists.
- They had a wide variety of Gods that influenced their lives
- Each city-state in Greece worshipped a different God as their central God
- The Greeks built incredible monuments and temples to their Gods, including the Parthenon in Athens
- The Greeks sought help from their Gods and offered them many offerings.
- They also held sporting events for their Gods
- The most notable of these sporting events is the Olympics. They are still held today, though not for the same reason
- In case you’re wondering, the Olympics were held every year in Olympia to honour Zeus, who was the head God

Question 3 asks us which civilisation had the best accomplishments. I’m going to list some accomplishments of each civilisation, it’s up to you whose were the best. I’m personally going to go with Greece.

- Pyramids
- Mummies
- Advanced medical understanding due to examinations during mummification
- Hieroglyphics and advanced writing
- Writing everywhere. If it would stay still long enough, they would write on it
- Makeup. They wore it for religious reasons.
- Papyrus, paper made from a plant of the same name
- Great Sphinx
- Temples to their Gods
- Epic mythologies for us to read and laugh at nowadays
- Legal theory, including the Code of Hammurabi
- Writing
- According to Google, their literature is among their best accomplishments
- Architectural feats like ziggurats
- Architectural feats such as their temples, Parthenon, Acropolis, etc.
- Incredible literature, including poetry such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
- Mathematical feats, including the Pythagorean theorem
- The discovery of PI!
- Stage and theatre productions, including works by Aristophane, Aeschyus, Sophocles, and Euripides (the first one is a comedy writer, the rest wrote tragedies) that are still performed today
- Amazing philosophical discoveries. Did you know that the earth isn’t actually flat?
- Invention of real democracy in Athens
- The Olympics, which are still held today
- Beautiful, lifelike statues
- Medicinal advancements by Hippocrates
- The Schools of Plato and Aristotle in Athens
- Amazing mythologies. I love Greek mythology with a passion.
- Gladiators
- Coliseums
- Yeah, Rome didn’t do much, they just copied everyone else. Kind of like that whole “your drink is from Mexico, your clothes are from Taiwan, your cell phone is from China” deal.
- New names for the Greek gods
- Roads
- Aqueducts
- Latin, which is the language from which most languages today stem (English, French, Spanish, Italian….)
- The Catholic Church
- Silk
- Martial Arts
- Jade as decoration
- Gunpowder
- Acupuncture
- Chopsticks
- Standardized language/writing
- Paper
- Pagodas
- Discovery of the Americas
- Banks, cheques, etc.
- Gothic architecture
- Guilds, which standardized rules for tradesmen
- Universities
- Monasteries and nunneries
- Code of chivalry
- Knights, their armour, weaponry, etc.
- Stained glass windows
- Chanting as music
- Magna Carta
- Ability to force everyone to be Christian
- Incredible astronomical advances
- Calendar. Their calendar is actually more accurate than ours by about a quarter of an hour, or a day, something like that.
- Chocolate!!!
- Their weird ball game
- The number zero, and an easy number system based off 0
- Corn. They didn’t invent it, but they grew tons of it.
- Pyramids and temples, but without any metal tools
- More astronomical, mathematical and science advancements
- More chocolate
- More pyramids
- Buildings on water
- Mexico City
- Chinampas
- Boats, like the canoe
Question four asks us which civilisation we would want to live in if we had to go to one. I’m going to list the pros and cons of each civilisation, you make your choice.
Pros: Incredible low crime rate, relatively equal rights and life for peasants, lots of sunlight, lots of bread, lots of sand, pyramids, fun Gods, and an afterlife to die for (because of course, they believed in their afterlife), worshipped cats (cats are the best animal), excellent medicinal advancements, excellent women’s rights, no need for religious freedom because nobody knows anything else,
Cons: Lots of heat and sun, lots of sand, crocodiles, your body would get turned into a mummy and people in the modern world (today) would be studying the hell out of you
Pros: Less sun than Eypt
Cons: Uhh….
Pros: Amazing advances in art, literature, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, government, theatre and architecture. Olympics, olives (assuming you like them), attractive men
Cons: Incredible sexism towards women, public bathrooms, superiority of men…
Pros: Much more equal rights for women, more sexy men, superiority (assuming you’re roman), latin, roman numerals, more advancements, adoption of Greek customs and traditions, epic architecture, religious freedom (until persecution of Christians)
Cons: Gladiator fights in amphitheatres, constantly gaining land, harsh punishments, brutality and bloodthirstiness, evil emperors, persecution if you’re Christian
Pros: Stable life for a long time, pretty scenery (ever seen a cherry blossom tree?), beautiful architecture, peaceful life, great philosophy, excellent understanding of honour
Cons: Incredible disrespect and sexism towards women, superiority of men, and everyone’s Chinese.
Pros: Awesome clothing, women don’t have to do much (easy lives, yay!), Kings and Queens and Knights
Cons: Sad lives for peasants – vilains must pay taxes, serfs have no freedom. Low life expectancy, disease rampages, lack of religious freedom, lots of wars and battles, black death
Pros: Always plenty of corn, no need for religious freedom because nobody knows anything else, good womens’ rights, assured safety from the wrath of the gods
Cons: Possibility of being sacrificed

Question 5 asks us to explain how some history person affected the history of their civilisation. I’ll give you some ideas, but you may want to do a little further research on them tonight.
Possibilities include:
Tutankhamen of Egypt. He restored the traditional religion in Egypt after Aken-Aten, probably his father, declared that only Amon-Re, the sun god, would be worshipped from then on. Tutankhamen also allows people of our time to know lots about Egyptian society due to the discovery of his tomb.
Pericles of Greece. He ruled Athens through its time of glory, when they had all their feats of brilliance.
Alexander of Macedonia, or Alexander the Great. He pretty much took over the whole world, developing advanced weapons and war tactics and unifying everything to be Greek.
Caesar Augustus, or Empereur Auguste (in French). He abolished the influence of the senate and made Rome into a form of monarchy again, ruled by an Emperor rather than a senate. He also did all sorts of stuff for the people, providing them with food and entertainment, and building all sorts of snazzy buildings and temples and stuff.
Emperor Chin of China. He kinda did tons for it. He united a bunch of warring states and turned them into one unified Empire, which he named China after himself. He standardized the language, writing, and customs.
Montezuma/Moctezuma, the last Aztec Emperor. He got his entire civilisation pretty much destroyed by trusting the Spanish Conquistadors and accepting them into his city as deities (gods), because they then went on to convert the Aztecs to Christians, and then they slaughtered them.

Question 6 tells us to do a comparison of two civilisations that we’ve studied. That should be easy enough with all the information above, plus what should be in your brains.
Question 7 asks us which civilisation contributed the most to our modern lives. The answer is either Greece or Rome. You can say either one, just back it up. Greece affected us in a more philosophical way while Rome affected us in a technical way (for example, the Kings and Queens of England are still numbered using Roman Numerals, and we learn the Pythagorean Theorum in math class…)


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Surprise! Here's a competition for anyone interested to enter! It's a grandbaby/great-grandbaby competition.
You don't need to have read my baby challenge to join.


Your job is to make beautiful children! That's all there is to it!


1. One of the parents must be a descendent of Lala Rutherwell. This includes either children or grandchildren.
2. The parent you use must not have existing children already.
3. You can only upload 5 children. They don't have to be siblings; you can upload 5 children using 5 different Rutherwell kids/grandkids.
4. You must include the following in your entry:
- A CAS headshot of the parent (the one who isn't a Rutherwell). Include their name in the description.
- CAS headshots of all the kids. Include their names in the descriptions.
- In-game pictures of all the kids, separately. Include their names in the descriptions.
- An in-game family portrait including the parents and kid[s]. Include their names in the description.
If you are entering multiple families, add each family separately, rather than adding all your parent pictures, then all your children, and so on.
5. You do not need to write a story to go with your children/family, but you can if you wish.
6. The kids must be in child state when you upload them and their pictures. No teens, no toddlers, no babies, no YAs.

To Enter:

Step 1: Join the group Lala Rutherwell's 100 Baby Challenge
Step 2: Choose a child or grandchild (one who does not have children of their own!) off the master list in the first post of Lala's Baby Challenge forum.
Step 3: Make some babies!
Step 4: Take your pictures, upload your children, etc.
Step 5: Upload your pictures to the 'Contest Entries' album on the Facebook group - Please mention your TS3 username!

Alternate Entry:
(For those who do not have Facebook)

Step 1: Choose a child or grandchild (one who does not have children of their own!) off the master list in the first post of Lala's Baby Challenge forum.
Step 2: Make some babies!
Step 3: Take your pictures, upload your children, etc.
Step 4: E-mail your pictures and download files to Lala at lala.rutherwell@gmail.com - Please mention your TS3 username!
Step 5: I will post your contest entries on the Facebook page!


-> Please upload each different family separately as their own set of pictures, rather than adding all your parents, children, and family portraits as their own groupings!
-> If you want information on your baby parent, or a picture, ask Lala on her forum, or by e-mailing her at lala.rutherwell@gmail.com
-> Please note that while all children are uploaded as YAs, all grandchildren are uploaded as children and will have to be aged up in CAS or in game.
-> If you'd like a specific child or grandchild, you can request a CC-free version by e-mailing Lala at lala.rutherwell@gmail.com
-> To keep from having to include tons of CC links, try to use a minimum of CC.
-> For anyone who wants a minimum of CC, I would recommend using Eucalypta, Parsley, Dane, Mercedes, Cody, Oceania, Azazel, Isabel, Germaine, Tyrone, Uriah, Marjorie, Dane, Samuel, Kathy, Carey, Gabriel, Lillian....[more to come] These Sims have little to no CC and no SP content.
-> If you have any questions, you can ask them either on the Facebook page, The Sims 3 forum page, or by e-mailing Lala at lala.rutherwell@gmail.com

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Brianna Stilwell
Mr. Tracy
October 14th, 2012

While some parents choose to homeschool their children and others choose to
unschool their children, most still send their children to public school for formal education.
Formal education, however, is no longer what it used to be. Gone are the days when students
sat quietly in their classrooms to memorize spelling and mathematics. Gone are the days when
students needed only to learn their reading and writing, their mathematics, their history, and
their geography in school. These days have since been replaced with school days consisting of
education on human virtues and qualities, as well as students being encouraged to think
‘outside the box.’

Moral values, which are “a type of value that serves the end of human well-being,
expressing the needs and legitimate expectations of others as well as ourselves,” (Millie) used
to be taught by parents and churches. Children would learn the importance of responsibility,
respect, perseverance, tolerance, and other important values from their parents. Schools
expected students to acquire these virtues outside of school, as their time in the classroom was
meant to consist of academic studies. Today, however, many parents do not even have moral
values such as tolerance and respect, and the majority of these parents certainly do not teach
their children to possess these values. (to possess the values they themselves do not fully embrace.)

Because children do not learn about moral values from their parents, schools and
educators must step in. Elementary school students find themselves learning about
compassion, humility, integrity, or whatever quality happens to be their ‘Virtue of the Month.’
Instead of learning spelling and grammar, children are taught about ways to solve problems and
ways to make friends (ways to solve problems and make friends). Furthermore, this decline in academic study is not without consequence.

As students move through the elementary and secondary school systems without the
basic building blocks of simple math, spelling and grammar, teachers become baffled by their
lack of competence in these necessary skills. Professor Bernie Gaidosch of George Brown
College in Toronto says that “Kids are coming out [of high school] with some idea of content.
They’re just not graduating with skills.” (Alphonso) Because the school system spends so much
time raising and babysitting children, learning is set aside and “A student often leaves high
school today without any sense of language as a structure.” (Frye)

Students are often criticized by professors, authors and journalists because they lack
competence in the basic skills that should be taught at an early age. This incompetence is not
their fault, however. It is the fault of the parents who fail to teach their children moral values,
and it is the fault of the educators who are forced to step in and teach these children to be
good people, and are not able to spend enough time concentrating on the academic skills that
the children should be learning in school.

(Edited by Kristin Stone)


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The sex fiends...

A name that strikes fear into the hearts of human women all over the Newworld.

The sex fiends are vicious beasts. They appear to be large humans, all of whom are male. They are stronger and more muscular than any human men, however, and they are faster as well.

And they are crueller.

There has never been a human man as evil as these monsters. The third World War, also known as the War of the Sex Fiends, made the other two similar wars look no more devastating than a lost chess match. As the beasts rampaged about, eager to take control of the world, billions lost their lives. None could beat the monsters.

The sex fiends won their war. And then, what terrified humans remained in the world watched in awe as a new side of the sex fiends emerged. A side that was peaceful, at least with those of their own kind. The monsters divided the earth amongst themselves. They called it the Newworld. It seemed that, with the war won, there was no longer a need for violence.

The sex fiends now rule the Newworld. It is divided into six different countries based on human knowledge of continental land masses.

Perhaps you're wondering why these beasts are called the sex fiends, though. After all, have I said anything to explain it yet? No. Perhaps I should.

The beasts originated in the cold North of Russia. Nobody knows how they came to exist, just that they did. They were horny monsters. First, young women began to disappear. Some turned up dead, some alive, some pregnant. Some never turned up at all. Not one of the women who returned was willing to explain what had happened to her. It was a mystery, because remember, nobody knew of the sex fiends yet.

It was a brave scientist and active feminist named Amelia who decided to find out for herself what had happened. She began to frequent the locations from which the women disappeared the most often, mainly towns in the North of Russia, though the happenings were beginning to spread southwards. She stayed out at night, despite the warnings she received from everyone. She was determined to find out what happened.

And one day, sure enough, she did. Her report was horrid. She spoke of a fiend in the shape of a man, standing eleven feet tall with huge muscles. He had snatched her up and thrown her over his shoulder when he found her, taking her away to a cave that he appeared to have set up as his home. He tied her down to a stone slab and began to ravage her. He was vicious. He was more than proportionate, she said, with an abnormally large penis even for a creature of his size.

Amelia spoke very little of her time with him, saying only that he was cruel and that their sex life was very active and heated. Doctors examining her body after her return were astounded that she'd survived such horrible treatment. Her return was due to the fact that her captor found a new toy in another town and he traded Amelia out for the new one.

Her research was groundbreaking. She, meanwhile, was broken by it. She had to leave her job and spent the rest of her life in a hospital, undergoing both physical and mental care.

The beasts soon couldn't hide any longer. Women were beginning to give birth to little boys who grew faster than the other boys. They were stronger and their development was more advanced, and upon hitting puberty, they became sex-hungry. The whole world realized that what was going on had to be stopped.

Suddenly, every side war ended. Everybody began to concentrate on the single goal of destroying the sex fiends as their populations spread into Asia and Europe. The international community worked together, allies and allies, enemies and enemies, all for one cause. This is referred to as the Gilded Prep. As beautiful as it was to see the entire world come together, their attempts were futile.

And now, here we are. The Newworld is divided up between sex fiend rulers. The Newworld is very different from the Oldworld, very different indeed.


Greater Sex Fiends are the strongest of the strong. They are larger than lesser sex fiends, and live their lives as rulers and warlords. They all use Russian last names because they are the purest of creatures and, after all, the sex fiends originated from Russia.

Lesser Sex Fiends, while still brutal and massive, are not as strong as greater sex fiends. They rule over smaller jurisdictions within the new countries.

Humans are the lowest of creatures, and yet are essential to the continuation of the sex fiends' lives. The sex fiends treat humans as subjects, and are more than glad to exert their control over them. All human women are expected to bear at least one female child in her lifetime. They are allowed to marry whomever they wish, and forced relations with sex fiends are not seen as adulterous.


North America is run by a Greater Sex Fiend called Mathew Andreyev. He resides in what used to be New York City, and he is known for being very violent. Women who spend time in their company often return beaten, bloody and bruised, and they don't live long enough to give birth to his children. He's searching for a woman strong enough to bear children by him because he wants an heir.

South America is run by a Greater Sex Fiend called Max Belikov. He lives in what used to be Rio de Janeiro. Media suspect that he may be interested in something more than just women, and they are currently trying to find some sort of proof that he has been taking Lesser Sex Fiends as lovers, a scandal unheard of among the sex fiends.

Europe is run by a Greater Sex Fiend called Gabriel Vasilyev. He lives in what used to be Paris, France. He is very old, though, and is preparing to pass down his rule over Europe to his son, Derrick, who is much younger than any of the other leaders. They aren't sure that Gabriel should resign just yet, believing that Derrick still has much to learn, but Gabriel is confident that his son will do well.

Asia is run by a Greater Sex Fiend called Corey Gusin who lives in what used to be Beijing. He's known for being much gentler than the rest of the leaders. He has a human wife and he treasures her greatly, spoiling her and loving her. Many suspect that she's just taking advantage of his kindness, though.

Africa is run by a Greater Sex Fiend called Zakary Dubinin. He lives in the old city of Cairo, Egypt and he's known for being a very classy gentleman. He often throws parties and banquets, inviting over all the other leaders as well as any important, notable others who deserve to come. Girls aged seventeen are eligible to be invited to his banquets, as he invites a different date every time, and if he is satisfied with them, he pays for them to attend college or university. Being summoned by Zakary is therefore considered a good thing by teenage girls all over the country.

Oceania is run by a Lesser Sex Fiend, oddly enough, named Shane Albert. He is the only Lesser Sex Fiend to run one of the countries, for which people often frown upon him. The other leaders are very nervous about having him run the country and are ready to kick him out of his position at any moment. He's very quiet and keeps to himself, and little is known about him - and the public has no idea why he's the leader when he's only a Lesser.


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Random Related Things... F1403

Closest thing to a birthday crown I can give you! <3

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ABATE - Become less intense or widespread; cause to become smaller or less intense.

ABRIDGEMENT - Condensation; a shortened version of a written work.

ADULTERATE - Render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one.

AFOOT - In preparation or progress; happening or beginning to happen; on foot.

ALOOF - Not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant; Conspicuously uninvolved and uninterested, typically through distaste.

AMBIGUOUS - Open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning; unclear or inexact because a choice between alternatives has not been made.

ANTIQUE - A collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age.

APPREHENSION - Anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen.

ARDOUR - Ardor; a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)

AUGURY - A sign of what will happen in the future; an omen.

AUSPICIOUS - Conducive to success; favorable.

BASER - Without moral principles; ignoble; denoting or befitting a person of low social class.

BEGUILE - Charm or enchant (someone), sometimes in a deceptive way; trick (someone) into doing something.

BESTIAL - Of or like an animal or animals; savagely cruel and depraved.

BOISTEROUS - Noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy; wild or stormy.

BRAZEN - Bold and without shame; made of brass.

BULWARK - A defensive wall; a person, institution, or principle that acts as a defence.

CARNAL - Relating to physical, esp. sexual, needs and activities.

CELESTIAL - Positioned in or relating to the sky, or outer space as observed in astronomy; belonging or relating to heaven.

CENSURE - Express severe disapproval of (someone or something), typically in a formal statement.

CHARIEST - Cautious; wary; cautious about the amount one gives or reveals.

CHASTE - Abstaining from extramarital, or from all, sexual intercourse.

CHIDE - Scold or rebuke.

CIRCUMSCRIBED - Restrict (something) within limits; draw (a figure) around another, touching it at points but not cutting it.

CIRCUMVENT - Find a way around (an obstacle).

CLAMOR - A loud and confused noise, esp. that of people shouting vehemently.

CLEMENCY - Mercy; lenience.

COMMUNE - A group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.

COMPLY - (of a person or group) Act in accordance with a wish or command; (of an article) Meet specified standards.

CONCEIT - Excessive pride in oneself.

CONFOUND - Cause surprise or confusion in (someone), esp. by acting against their expectations.

CONJECTURE - An opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

CONSONANCY - In logic, a consistent theory is one that does not contain a contradiction.

CONVOCATION - A large formal assembly of people.

CORRUPTION - Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

CRAVES - Feel a powerful desire for (something)

DEARTH - A scarcity or lack of something.

DEXTERITY - Skill in performing tasks, esp. with the hands.

DILIGENCE - Careful and persistent work or effort.

DIRGE - A lament for the dead, esp. one forming part of a funeral rite.

DISCORD - Disagreement between people.

DISCRETION - The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.

DISPATCH - Send off to a destination or for a purpose.

DIVINE - Of, from, or like God or a god.

DROSS - Something regarded as worthless; rubbish.

ECSTASY - An overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.

EDIFIED - Instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually.

EMULATE - Match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation; mimic.

ENMITY - The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

ENTREAT - Ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something.

EPITAPH - A phrase or statement written in memory of a person, esp. on a tombstone.

EQUIVOCATION - evasion: a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth.

ESTEEMED - Respected and admired.

EXTANT - (esp. of a document) Still in existence; surviving; existent.

EXTOLMENT - praise: an expression of approval and commendation.

FELICITY - Intense happiness.

FELL - An amount of timber cut; a hill or stretch of high moorland, esp. in northern England.

FERTILE - Producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops; capable of becoming a new individual.

FETTERS - A chain or manacle used to restrain a prisoner, typically placed around the ankles.

FLOURISH - A bold or extravagant gesture or action, made esp. to attract the attention of others.

FORBEAR - Politely or patiently restrain an impulse to do something; refrain.

FORESTALLED - Prevent or obstruct (an anticipated event or action) by taking action ahead of time.

FRET - Be constantly or visibly anxious.

FRUITFUL - Producing much fruit; fertile.

GALL - Bold, impudent behaviour.

GAMBOL - Run or jump about playfully.

GERMANE - Relevant to a subject under consideration.

GILDED - Covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint.

GRACIOUS - Courteous, kind, and pleasant, esp. toward someone of lower social status.

GRATING - Sounding harsh and unpleasant.

GRATIS - Without charge; free.

GRAVE - A place of burial for a dead body, typically a hole dug in the ground and marked by a stone or mound; giving cause for alarm; serious; slowly; with solemnity.

GRIEVE - Suffer grief.


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Érase una vez, vivía una princesa llamada Shimmer. Cuando era ella un bebé, Shimmer fue prometido a un misterioso deconocido. Este extraño era el único residente de un reino conocido sólo como El Vacío. Sin embargo, el mismo día Shimmer cumplió los dieciocho años, ella fue llevado a unirse a su prometido en su reino de las tinieblas.
Shimmer estaba muy triste en su nuevo hogar en un principio. Pronto, sin embargo, Shimmer aprendió a amar a ella nuevo hogar, y su pronto-a-ser marido. La pareja regresó a la casa a casaron pronto. Felizmente casado, Shimmer y su marido, Xenon, regresó a El Vacío donde vivieron felices para siempre.
¡El fín!

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krose240 wrote:
Érase una vez, vivía una princesa llamada Shimmer. Cuando era ella un bebé, Shimmer fue prometido a un misterioso deconocido. Este extraño era el único residente de un reino conocido sólo como El Vacío. Sin embargo, el mismo día Shimmer cumplió los dieciocho años, ella fue llevado a unirse a su prometido en su reino de las tinieblas.
Shimmer estaba muy triste en su nuevo hogar en un principio. Pronto, sin embargo, Shimmer aprendió a amar a ella nuevo hogar, y su pronto-a-ser marido. La pareja regresó a la casa a casaron pronto. Felizmente casado, Shimmer y su marido, Xenon, regresó a El Vacío donde vivieron felices para siempre.
¡El fín!

*sniffle* That was beautiful. Very beautiful.

I'm in French class and we're doing debates and I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE. I hate debates.


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Lala's To-Do List.
Because she needed to save it somewhere.

English class

- Shrink Lit (40 lines of iambic pentameter about Hamlet)
- ISU outline, rough copy, etc.
- Hamlet Good/Evil Seminar
- Read Fifth Business
- Print out paper copy of author bio

French class

- Read Les Misérables; answer questions about it
- Read novel Le dragon de feu; write book report about it (as taught in class today)
- Write essay - What can I do to help preserve French in Canada?
- Independent study - Find out what the hell I'm supposed to do for it
- Reading #3
- Memorise that damn poem

Geography class

- Report AND presentation on the Gaels

Religions class

- Play Solitaire


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